007 James Bond, Goldeneye, Pen Grenade, Must Have Piece

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007 James Bond, Goldeneye, Pen Grenade, Must Have Piece

This is it the 007 Pen Grenade desktop set. Q gives the deadly implement, which contains a class 4 grenade to 007 and states 3 clicks arm the fuse. Bond then arms it by clicking it three times in rapid succession and disarms it by clicking it 3 more times. The pen saves the day at the end of the film when Boris toys with it.

From the 007 James Bond thriller "Goldeneye (1995)" starring; Pierce Brosnan as agent 007,this is a replica of the 007 Pen Grenade as it was seen in the film. The Pen Grenade comes complete with, brand new in box, Metal Pen and a Beveled Acrylic Screw Down Plaque with full color Nameplate that The Plaque has a holder attached to hold Pen Grenade. Pen can be readily removed at will. Plaque measures; 3.5 inches (8.89 centimeters) wide by 5.5 inches (13.97 centimeters) long. This would make a fine edition to any secret agents desktop.

Pen is a working pen and not a grenade.