007 James Bond, License To Kill, MI6 British Intelligence Badge, Solid Metal, Very Detailed

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James Bond leaves Her Majesty's Secret Service to stop an evil drug lord and avenge his best friend, Felix Leiter.

From the 007 James Bond Thriller " Licence To Kill (1989) starring Timothy Dalton and Robert Davi, This is a Replica MI6 Badge as seen in the film. It is a heavy and solid metal  just Like the one that is briefly seen in the 007 James Bond film.  The Badge measues 2.75 inches on each of it's triangular sides and is .25 of a inch thick. It has a metal pin welded on back.

Badge does not come with Acryillic Plaque and Jungle Stand as shown. It is available in the pull down menu as a option for $19.99. available as a option.