007 Thunderball, Stones From Largo's House At Palmyra, Framed

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007 Thunderball, Stones From Largo's House At Palmyra, Framed

James Bond heads to The Bahamas to recover two nuclear warheads stolen by SPECTRE agent Emilio Largo in an international extortion scheme.

Now available for a limited time only are Stones From Largo's House at Palmyra. These Stones were recently obtained on a visit to the House, With the Bond Collectors World. This is where these film scenes were shot in the Bahamas. These particular stones were taken right from the path in front of the Shark Pool. You get 1/2 of the vial filled with stones. The Vial is about 3" in length. It can be placed on frame & removed easily to look at with ease. There is a white ring to set Vial in for show. You get a full color 8.5' x 11" Nameplate page that has a picture of what Largo's house looked like at time of filming & what it looks like around Shark pool, where Stones are from, today. Page also has a copy of a popular Thunderball poster & a Water Blue background with bubbles in it similar to the Maurice Binder title sequence for the film. You also get a Letter Of Authenticity telling the history of this item. Both The name plate and Letter Of Authenticity are placed inside a Beveled Clear Screw Down Acrylic Frame that has a clip on the back & is ready to hang.