Age of the Psychics: Hosted by Samantha Eager

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Age of the Psychics: Hosted by Samantha Eager

Are psychics, prophets, and spiritual healers pathfinders to a new world? What you are about to see in this film may be quite different from anything you have ever witnessed before. There are no actors involved, and the events have been filmed as they actually occurred. You'll meet some of the people who claim extraordinary psychic powers and experience their world yourself. Includes the story of Beatrice Kline who communicates with animals telepathically. Kebrina Kincade who uses her psychic powers to help solve missing children and murder cases for the Los Angeles Police Department. Bernadine Villanueva who describes what it's like to witness all of the horrors of a plane crash before it happens and discover one of the best-kept secrets of World War II, that the Allied nations used astrology as a counter-weapon against Adolph Hitler. Includes amazing demonstrations of psychic powers that defy scientific explanation along with an unprecedented collection of interviews with researchers, eyewitnesses, experiencers, and the best-known, most credible paranormal authorities in the world today. K575 * DVD Disk * 50 min * 1 85483 90575 9