Ancient Graphic Color Map of Jerusalem 1770, Style A, Shows Ancient Religious Sites, PDF Download

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Ancient Graphic Color Map of Jerusalem 1770, Style A, Shows Ancient Religious Sites, PDF Download

This is a replica of a ancient Map of Jerusalem. The author of the original map was trying to make a map of Jerusalem how it looked in ancient times and show the most eminent places in particular. The original map was by R. Sayer of London in 1770. The exact title as listed on map is;

An Exact Draught of the City of Jerusalem and the Apurtenances belonging to the Temple with Genealogy of Jesus Christ our Savior in the Border there of Faithfully collected out of the holy scriptures.

You get a high quality download of the map, in full color that measures; 26 inches  by 39 inches. 

Jerusalem is the choice city of God. Holy and most glorious it was built upon the holy mountain excelling all the cities in the world as well as by the lofaness of the seat. As by the modernation and temperature of the heavens and fruitfullness of its soil it was situated in the midst of the whole world & of Judea as it were in the centre and heart of the earth and being as a queen amongst all other neighboring cities had the prominence as the head over the body. This city was built (as some judge) about the year from the creation of the world 2043 in the time of Abraham by Melehifedeck the king. In Hebrew it was called Salem, in Greek Solima, Though it seemed that it then preferred the same for 50 years. Afterwards the Jebuhtes enjoyed it who sprung from Jebus the son of Canaan. Afterwards David enjoyed the city, the jebasites being expulsed he re editfied the same & fortified it with a castle, dwelt therein and made it the Metropolitan city of all Judea & the head of all the kingdoms. Then from thenceforth he called it Jerusalem. Some say it is called Jerusalem from the magnificent temple that Solomon built thererin. In length of time Solomon and other kings of Judea greatly enlarged the same and so fortified it with strong towers, Walls & trenches, likewise adorned it with a temple with palaces & most esquisite buildings, that among other cities it was the miracle of the whole world, and is therefore more honored with silence than all that can be said concerning the same. It stood in the Tribe of Benjamin, some borders of of it were in Judea, In the year of our lord 1517 it was invaded by Selimo, the emperior of Turkey & is at this day inhabited by Turks, who call it Cufumo-Bareek et Gods Barick that is to say holy city so that from its foundation to this present year of 1737 are passed 3674 years.

I. The Street which Christ was lead through to Annas the high priest (John 18.13) II. The way that Christ was lead to Caiaphas, the other high priest ( John 18.24) III. The way that Christ was lead from Caiaphas to Pontuis Pilate(John 18.28)(Mat27.1.2.3 IV.The way that Christ was sent from Pilate to Herod (Luke23.7) V. The way that Christ was sent back again to Pilate (Luke 23.11) Vi.The way that Christ carried his cross to be crucified (John 19.16) VII. The kings's prison with a lofty tower that overlooked the kings house. VIII. Here the strong men and Valiant peers of King David dwelt. It was also a wrestling place IX. The house of Uriah, where Bathsheba bathing herself by her beauty allured David to adultery X. This was encircled with scaffolds and stages capable of holding 80000 men. where people went to behold the games of Wrestling and fighting of bulls & bears and other wild beasts. XI. The house in which the acts and records of the city were kept. XII. The house of the ruler of the Pharisees, in which, Christ healed the sick man of the Dropsy XIIIThe house of Simon the Pharisee where Mary washed Christ's feet with her tears & Cried XIIII. Here Abraham being ready to offer up his son Issac istead of him offered up a Ram. XV. The Palace of Pilate and the Lieutenants of Rome, where Christ was fatally accused and condemed to be crucified by the princes and people of the Jews. XVI. The temple of the Lord, Otherwise called The lords house and the sanctuary in which Solomon the peacable king built of matter prepaired by David his father, of deet,, hewn and pehshed stones, and of timber cut from mount Lebanas. It was built on Mount Moria. by the labor of more than 153000 men without any sound of axe or hammer in seven years. XVII. The Theatre built in in the form of a half circle by Herod and Asealonite king of the jews XVIII. The passage in which King Solomon built of strong timber to go from his palace into the temple. XIX. Herods park which had in it an orchard and garden, watered with ponds, rivers and fountains replenished with a vareity of wild beasts, fishes and Fowls. XX. The Garden of Olives, Where Christ was in his agony, XXI. The Dove House XXII. Mount Calvery, A rocky mountain of mean height, called in the hebrew Gelgotha. Here CHrist Jesus our Saviour, who new know sin, became sin for us, that is to say, was madea sacrifice for our sins, and as if he had been an evil doer was hanged between two theives and for our salvation crucified. XXIII. The lake of serpant XXIIII. the grave of helen, queen of the adiabans for who victimized Jerusalem in the time of famine with wheat which the most