Ancient Templar Color Map of Jerusalem B, Shows old Sites

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Ancient Templar Color Map of Jerusalem B, Shows old Sites

This is a replica of a ancient Map of Jerusalem. The author of the original map was trying to make a map of Jerusalem how it looked in ancient times and show the most eminent places in particular. The original map was Latin by; Coloniae Agrippinae. The exact title as listed on map is; Anno Christi and it was made in 1584ad

You get a high quality map, ready to frame, in full color that measures; 13 inches (33.02 centimeters) tall  by 19 inches (48.26 centimeters) wide. On the map there are over 200 other notations on the map listing various locations, such as; Judas Hanging Tree, Christ appearing to apostles, Mount of Olives, etc. all places are clearly drawn out, for instance; Judas is actually hanging from tree, Christ and 2 thieves are on crosses on Mount Calvary, Jesus riding into the Water gate with people placing palms down before him, and the Temple of Solomon.

Every student of religion or person planning a trip to the Holy Land will find this map a great item to add to their collection. It is amazing the detail and how accurate the locations are. Only in recent times have explorers actually verified some of the locations on this and other similar maps to be correct.