Arnoldus Designer Black Pebble Textured Belt Clip Phone Case

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Arnoldus Designer Black Pebble Textured Belt Clip Phone Case

Arnoldus Designer Black Pebble Textured Belt Clip Phone Case


This is a Arnoldus Designer Black Pebble Textured Belt Clip Phone Case. It is made for for the person of Fashion who wants a high quality alternative. The Case is made out of the highest Grade Hand Tanned Italian Florentine Leather.

It comes shipped in a Heavy Duty Leather Pebble Textured box with the Arnoldus designer label stamped on front in Gold Leaf. Open The Box and the Case is protected by a nice cloth Arnoldus Logo Weaved bag. Slide the Case out of the Bag and you will see on the front lid is a embossed Arnoldus Logo. Upon opening the lid you will be able to slide phones in and out effortlessly while it is attached to you belt or pants. Then shut the lid it will close by itself with a slight snap noise as the lid has a heavy duty magnet embedded inside.

Need to charge? On both sides of case are openings that allow for various charging cables and headphone jacks for Plugging in while in car, listening to music while walking, doing both at same time or whatever your needs may be.

The case comes with a very unique Belt Clip attached on back. This heavy duty metal Leather covered clip can be used alone by just sliding it onto any standard belt or pants. Or if you wish to make more secure just lift up the Belt snap cover over belt and snap onto case. It is fastened at one side to the case and you just place over belt and clip and snap it on case.

While the case was made for the Iphone 6 Plus with our case on it, it was made a little bigger to accomodate other phones also. The Belt Clip Case will fit almost any size smart phone. It Measures: 7.25 inch Wide x 3.5 inch High x .75 inch deep. Most phones will even fit with their existing cases on them. If you buy this item and it does not fit keep all together in new condition and send back for refund.

The box can be used to store case with phone or used for other accesories when traveling.

At Arnoldus we use only the finest, highest grade, Hand Tanned Italian Florentine Leather for our items. Each item is handmade by our Artisians. All of the Leather is fully guranteed for 1 year for replacement.