Aztec/ Mayan Style Lighted Display Stand

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Aztec/ Mayan Style Lighted Display Stand

This is a Lighted Display plaque to set your collectables on. This plaque is very detailed with Aztec and Mayan artwork. The Stand is Antique Gray in color with the vines painted Green. It has a light placed in middle which, when lit can illuminate your items on display. This is great for the items like the Indiana Jones Amber Sankara Stone. The stand measures 4.5 in Diamter x 4.5 tall and light requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included. But batterires are availible as a option.

This stand will work with the Indiana Jones items: Amber Sankara Stones, Brown Sankara Stones, Grail and Antidote Vial. It is also a great Display stand for Ancient Mystery items like the Easter Island Statues.