Blade II Real Prop Bomb Tube Wesley Snipes

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Blade II Real Prop Bomb Tube Wesley Snipes

Blade forms an uneasy alliance with the vampire council in order to combat the Reapers, who are feeding on vampires.

From the hit film Blade II (2002) starring: Wesley Snipes, these are Real Prop Bomb Tubes that can be clearly seen in film. Each tube is round and has a 1 inch diameter. They are about 7 inches long.They are silver in color.  On each end is a clear 1 inch in length rounded head cap. On on of the ends is a small electronic board with a capacitor and wires that go inside the clear cap to connect to another board inside.  Each Prop Bomb Tube comes with a long gray about 18 inch flat 7 conductor wire.  This wire was probably used to connect the electronic board on end to a battery hidden in costume.  I am sure that a LED light lit inside tube to flash as they do in film. I do not know if they are still functional or not as I have not tried to connect it and see.  Besides the long wires there is 4 shorter flat wires of the same type. I will give one to each of the first buyers till they are gone.  These items are in excellent screen used condition.

I have separated the items into one Real Prop Bomb Tube each to make them more cost effective. If you wish to buy them all in one package please email and we would be able to give you a discount on your purchase.

Items were originally obtained directly from studio then purchased buy us at a ScreenUsed Auction where they authenticated it for a second time.  We have authenticated it for a third time and you will get a complete Certificate of Authenticity explaining the item and its history.