Designer Acrylic Coin Frame with Metal Stand off Pegs, Three Pieces

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Designer Acrylic Coin Frame with Metal Stand off Pegs, Three Pieces

This is a Very Neat Designer Acrylic Frame to hold your Batman Two-Face Coin Set or any other type coins that measure about the size of a Liberty Dollar or less. You can also use it for other coins that fit the diameter or just a frame without a coin holder. Use it for other Artwork that fits.

The Acrylic Frame itself measures: 7.5 inches wide x 7 inches high X .75 inches thick. It has Three Pieces of Acrylic, two that are Solid and the Middle is cut out so Coins fit in. If you are not going to use to Frame Coins then just do not use the middle section and you can Frame a Photo in the Whole Frame. Item come complete with brand new Designer Hanging Metal Pegs. These mount to wall then Acrylic Frame mounts to them to hold tight. Mounted to pegs the Frame will stand off from wall .75 to back of frame and 1.25 from front of frame. The coin cut outs measure 1.5 inch in diameter x 1/8th thick.

This item does not come with Coins as shown in pictures. You can add them to your order in options or go to Batman items and order frame with coins. The Batman artwork does not come with item either. However, you can choose it in options at no charge. The artwork is Poster Art and measures 4 inches x 6 inches.