Dune, TV Mini-Series, Fremen Crysknife, Prop Replica, Limited Edition

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Dune, TV Mini-Series, Fremen Crysknife, Prop Replica, Limited Edition

Now available right from Arakis!! 

The spectacular, Frank Herbert, epic Dune continues in the Dazzling Mini-Series which consists of a New Journey into Sweeping Interstellar Intrigue and Visionary Sci-Fi Adventure! On the Desert Planet of Dune, the Ancient Prophecy has been fulfilled. The rule of the legendary Muad’dib has triggered a miraculous transformation of the arid wastelands. But as always, the Great Houses of the Empire are alive with rumors of Conspiracy, Plotting and Betrayal. And when Muad’dib no longer Wields absolute power as the Emperor, his young son Leto Atreides and daughter Ghanima face the prospect of a disastrous civil war on Arrakis, with Chaos on a Galactic scale. Now, with the future of the vital Spice trade in the balance, the destiny of humanity itself will depend on the Courage, Strength and other worldly Wisdom of The Children of Dune!

This is a Limited Edition, Movie Prop Replica Dune Freman Crysknife as seen in the Mini-Series Children of Dune (2003) starring; Alec Newman and Julie Cox. This Dune Crysknife is is Cast from a Mold Taken off an Original Real Prop that was used in the film.

The Prop Movie Replica Dune Freman Knife Measures: 11 inches long by 2 inches wide by 1 inch thick. It is made out of Solid Resin and weighs 1 pound.  The Handgrip is painted Brown while the rest of the Knife is made to look like a piece of Bone.

Also available for the Dune Crysknife is a Real Brown Leather Sheath that fits this knife and has a Loop to fit on a Belt. It was fashioned after the Real Prop Knife's Sheath and has the Color and Texture of that Crysknife that was used in the original Dune TV Mini SeriesYou can also get a Real Brown Leather Handgrip for the Knife. Both items are shown in pictures but do not come with items. They are available in the Option pull down menu.

It looks and feels just like a Real piece of bone from a Sand Worm!!

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    Dune Knife

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2014

    I bought this as a gift. It arrived very quickly and the quality is great! Thanks!!!