Easter Island Classic Statue, Rapa Nui, Kon Tiki, Solid Resin, Free Book, Jungle Stand, Signed Numbered, Limited Edition

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On Lighted Stand

A small island in the Pacific Ocean was Discovered by white man on Easter Sunday in 1722 hence called Easter Island. Upon Exploring the island over 900 to 1000 Statues were found. These Statues ranged from 6 foot to 56 foot in hieght. The Natives on the island lived in Grass Huts and lacked the knowledge to carve them. The Statues were also Originally Quarried and Moved across the island. There has been much debate about who made them and moved them?

This is a Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition Replica of the Classic Easter Island Statue. It is a Very Highly Detailed Reproduction and was created from an Artists Rendering that was made using Photographs taken of the Real Statues as they appear on the island. Each Easter Island Collectable comes complete with a Signed, Numbered Certificate.
The Limited Edition Ancient Mystery Replica Easter Island Statue is Dark Charcoal Grey in Color as the Originals and made out of Solid Resin. It weighs 3 lbs and measures 7 inches tall x 3.5 inches wide x 3 inches deep.
The Classic Easter Island Collectable also comes with a Signed Free Copy of our Full Color24 page Book Easter Island, Moai, and Rapa Nui by James Arnold. The Book is about the History of the Island and Statues on it. It includes a Map of island and various Historical Newspaper Articles as they have appeared through History plus Actual Historical Photos of the Real Easter Island Statues.

 The Easter Island Statue also comes complete with the Lighted Jungle Display Stand. The Stand is Very Detailed, Antique Gray in Color with vines painted Green. There is a Push Button light embedded in the middle which turns on by pressing it. When lit it illuminates your items that are on display by shining through them as they sit on top of the light. It is Made out of a Very Durable Resin, Weighs 1lbs and Measures: 5 inches wider x 4 inches Tall x 4 inches deep. The light requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included.

Note that the light will shine through any item that is translucent. It will not shine through a solid item. But plaque is a great Item display Collectables on even if light is not used.