Free Energy & Antigravity: Miracle In The Void, Dr. Tom Valone & Dr. Brian O'Lerary, New

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Free Energy & Antigravity: Miracle In The Void, Dr. Tom Valone & Dr. Brian O'Lerary, New

The future is now in these amazing videos about new frontiers in science by Dr. Brian O'Leary and Tom Valone. In the last 100 years scientific institutions and the vested interests of the world have influenced how science should acknowledge new frontiers of discovery to be deemed worthy of serious investigation. In the past, ideas that were considered academic suicide are now providing solutions and hope for the future.

FREE ENERGY AND ANTIGRAVITY with Dr. Tom Valone  Now at the start of a new millennium, new technologies are emerging that create free energy (electricity without an electric bill), free propulsion (drive for miles without paying for fuel) and antigravity (leaving the surface of the road while you are driving). With diagrams, pictures, and video clips, this report details electrogravitics, inertial propulsion, free energy, magnetic motors, N-machines, the Searle effect, the Hutchison effect, nuclear batteries and much more. See demonstrations of anti-gravity and inertial propulsion that defy explanation.

MIRACLE IN THE VOID with Dr. Brian O'Leary. This program presents the latest evidence for the birth of a new science of consciousness, which can offer solutions to the ravages of pollution. At center stage is remarkable research on clean, cheap energy to replace fossil fuels, which could reverse abnormal climate changes. Dr. O'Leary describes the interaction between science and spirit, in physics and metaphysics. He openly acknowledges the challenges many new science pioneers face through ridicule from vested interests and offers hope for a paradigm shift which will help us restore Eden to Earth.

K484 * 2 DVD Disks * 200 min *  UPC 7 09629 90484 2