History of Golf Wood Display Desk Plaque, Very Highly Detailed

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Simply the Perfect Item for the Perfect Sport!!

Makes a great gift for the Golf Enthusiast in your family!!!

This highly detailed collectable is a must have piece for any Golfer. It is a great item to display on desk, in your office or home.  It displays 5 of the major changes in the Golf Woods Club history from 1420 to 1920. The piece itself gives that Old English, Scotish feel from the days where Golf originally got its start. It starts off with the Croisse Club Wrought Iron Flanders circa 1420. Then moves to the Golf Club Lead Holland cica 1600. Next the Long Nosed Wood Beechwood Scotland circa 1850. Then Bulger Driver Persimmon Wood Scotland Circa 1900. Finally the Brassie Persimmon Wood Scotland Circa 1920. This is the one that led us to the modern Wood Club we use today.

The History of Golf Display Piece is a very high quality made piece. It is cast in solid colored poly resin with felt on bottom so there is no chance of scratches on your desk. It measures about 7.5 inches wide x 3 Inches Deep x 3 inches High. The item weighs about 2 Pounds. This item is brand new in box.