Indiana Jones, Elsa Lucky Shamrock Zippo Lighter, Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition

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Indiana Jones, Elsa Lucky Shamrock Zippo Lighter, Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition

Indiana Jones teams up in Venice, Italy with Brody and the Mysterious Elsa Schneider. He searches a library for an Entranceway that will lead down into the Forgotten Catacombs and the Next Clue on the trail to the Holy Grail. The Clues, alluded to in Henry's Grail Diary, help Indiana find the Secret Entrance Floor Section. Once in the Catacombs Indiana and Elsa have to survive an army of rats and a fire attack from members of a Secret Brotherhood sworn to protect the Sacred Relic. Good thing Elsa brought her Lucky Shamrock Lighter.

This Collectable is part of our Special "Indiana Jones Collection." This is an Exclusive: Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition of Prop Replicas. This item is a Elsa Lucky Shamrock Zippo Lighter from the hit film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)" starring: Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. This Movie Prop Replica is an actual Zippo Lighter with the Elsa Lucky Shamrock Artwork Silk Screened on one side.  The Artwork is an Artists Rendering Formed from Pictures of the Real Prop that appear in several books. Each item also comes complete with a 4 x 6 Card. This Card has Poster Artwork from the film on one side and on reverse is Signed, Numbered and explains the Elsa Lucky Shamrock Lighter's use as it is seen in film. It comes in a Burlap Bag ready for your next Adventure! 

The Replica Elsa Lighter is a brand new Zippo Brand Wick, Flint and Fluid lighter still in box. The Elsa Lucky Shamrock Artwork is Silk Screened on one side of lighter only. The lighter measures; 2.25 inches high X 1.25 inches wide x 0.5 inch thick.