Indiana Jones, Sankara Stone, Brown, Lighted Jungle Stand, Solid Resin, Limited Edition

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Indiana Jones, Sankara Stone, Brown, Lighted Jungle Stand, Solid Resin, Limited Edition

In the film there was a set of three Sankara Stones. Because these were stolen, the villages and people were impoverished around the countryside. It is up to Indiana Jones and his team to return them and with that return the people to their original health and welfare and drive the evil forces out. When the Sankara Stones were put together they glowed an Amber color, of which, looks like floating Gold Leaf inside.

From the hit film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) Starring: Harrison Ford and Kate Capshaw, This a Special Limited Edition, Movie Prop Replica Mystical Sankara Stone. It is an Artists Rendering made from various pictures of the Prop Stones as seen in the Film. 

The Sankara Stone is Solid Resin and is Very Durable. It Weigh 3 lbs and measure; 6 inches tall x 3.5 inches in diameter. The Sankara Stone has Three indented lines on the Stone, which are Painted White. It is Brown in color, just as it was seen in Film.

The Sankara Stone also comes with a Lighted Jungle Display Stand to Exhibit your Collectable on. The Plaque itself has an Aztec, Mayan, Inca, Pre-Columbian type Artwork applied to it. It is Very Detailed, Antique Gray in Color with vines painted Green. There is a Push Button light embedded in the middle which turns on by pressing it. When lit it illuminates your items that are on display by shining through them as they sit on top of the light. It is Made out of a Very Durable Resin, Weighs 1lbs and Measures: 5 inches wider x 4 inches Tall x 4 inches deep. The light requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included.

Note that the light will shine through any item that is translucent. It will not shine through a solid item. But plaque is a great Item display Collectables on even if light is not used. 

The Sankara Stone does not come with either the Circular Jungle Stand or Acrylic Display Case as shown. It also does not come with the Amber Sankara Stone or additional Stones as shown. But all of these are available, as a option, in the pull down menu above.