Indiana Jones Temple of Doom, Antidote Vial Replica, With Jungle Stand

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Indiana Jones Temple of Doom, Antidote Vial Replica, With Jungle Stand

This Famous Antidote Vial first makes it's appearance in the Club Obi Wan Nightclub. It is the scene where a battle of wills between Indiana & Lao Che heats up fast. During a trade for a funerary Urn of Lao's ancestor for a diamond, Lao slips poison into Indy's champagne & a fight breaks loose. Indy manages to grab the Antidote Vial & drink the life saving serum.

This Collectable is part of our Special "Indiana Jones Collection." This is an Exclusive: Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition of Prop Replicas. This item is an Artists Rendering made from Artwork directly from the film. Each item comes complete with a 4x6 Card that has Poster Art from film and also explains the Antidotes part in the film.

This Prop Replica Antidote Vial is identical to the one seen in the film. It is made out of glass & measures; 4 Inches tall x 1 inches in diameter with a strange blue fluid inside. The cap is Black with a Antique Gold finish applied. There are Two Gold Lines on the side of the Vial. One is smaller than the other.

The Antidote Vial Comes Ready for your next Adventure in a Burlap Bag!

Along with the Antidote Vial you get the very detailed Antidote Vial Jungle Stand. The Stand is circular with Aztec/ Mayan artwork on it. It is Gray with painted Green vines. The stand has a hole in the middle in case you want to light it up. It measures: 1.5 inches in Diameter x 1.5 inches tall.