Iron Knife Blade, Circa Roman Early Middle Ages, Real Relic

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Iron Knife Blade,  Circa Roman Early Middle Ages, Real Relic

Expected release date is 1st Apr 2018

Description: This item is a part of our Real Relic Collection and is for One Knife Blade out of a group of Nine. These are Iron Knife Blades, CE. 475 to 525 AD,  Late Roman - Early Medieval (Early Middle Ages), each with oxide patination, most with preserved cutting edge and tangs for attachment to a handle. They are all about the same size with largest 6 3/4 in (12.3 cm)

Each Iron Knife Blade comes with our High Quality Magnetic Sealing Acrylic 4x6x1 Inch Display Plaque with Color Artwork explaining Item and a 2x2x1 Inch Solid Acrylic Item Stand. These are as appear in pictures.

Condition: These Iron Knife Blades are all in excellent condition and complete with no damage. They also all have a coating of oxide patination as shown in pictures.  

Documentation: This item was originally purchased by Reel Art from a well known Los Angeles collector at a auction of his estate. This item has previously been reviewed by Experts  at the auction and is absolutely guaranteed to be authentic. You will receive a Numbered Certificate of Authenticity along with the item. You will also receive information about Iron Knife Blade and its use at the end of the Roman Empire and start of the Medieval Period (Early Middle Ages).

The item described is guaranteed to be of the time period and condition as described, has been exported legally and is legal to buy and sell under all international laws relating to cultural patrimony.

Real Relic Collection: This collection contains a group of Limited Quantity and different Real and Rare Artifacts that contain varying subject matter including: Historical, Religious, Movie, Television, Ancient Mystery Items and much more. These items come with a Signed and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity plus some items also come with a book, Pamphlet or Information page about subject matter about each item. Each item is Very limited in quanitity due to their rareness as an artifact.