Jim Britt Signed Check PSA/DNA Authenticated With Acrylic Display Frame

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Jim Britt Signed Check PSA/DNA Authenticated With Acrylic Display Frame

Jim Britt (April 11, 1910 — December 31, 1980) was an American sportscaster who broadcast Major League Baseball games in Boston, Massachusetts, and Cleveland, Ohio, during the 1940s and 1950s. On June 15, 1948, Britt was at the microphone on WBZ-TV for the first live telecast of a Major League game in New England, as the Boston Braves defeated the Chicago Cubs, 6–3, at Braves Field.

Description: This item is for one of Jim Britt's Signed Cancelled Checks. Check is signed Jim BrittYou will also get One High Quality Acrylic Display Frame as shown.

Condition: Check is in Near Mint cancelled condition. Signature is very clear and visible. 

Documentation: This item is fully documented by three sources. First it has a PSA/DNA Pre-Certified Authentication status. This is a service that was provided to RR Auctions and this item within. It means that this item has previously been reviewed by experts at PSA/DNA and is absolutely guaranteed to pass final testing and marking. Further It means that this signed check of Jim Britt which they personally examined and is in their opinion authentic. Further they state that the signature(s) are consistent considering slant, flow, pen pressure, letter size and other characteristics that are typical of the other exemplars that they compared against. Pre-Certified PSA /DNA is to let buyers know beforehand that upon item being sent in for official final marking and certification that it is guaranteed to be authentic, in their opinion. Second, the item will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from the famous RR Auction where item was purchased by us originally. Third you will also get a Certificate from Reel Art. You will also get a copy of the invoice from RR Auction a to further prove authenticity.

This item also comes complete with the High Quality Acrylic Display Frame. This frame seals magnetically and not with screws. The Display Frame measures 4 x 10 x 1 Inches and It can be set on any of its sides in order for you to display your check anywhere! The pictures show a check in the frame being displayed. Note the check in picture is not the check being offered here. 

The item described is guaranteed to be of the time period and condition as described, has been exported legally and is legal to buy and sell under all international laws relating to cultural patrimony.