Joesph II, Holy Roman Emperor, 1766 Document Signed, PSA/DNA Authenticated

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Joesph II, Holy Roman Emperor, 1766 Document Signed, PSA/DNA Authenticated

Joseph II (Joseph Benedikt Anton Michael Adam; 13 March 1741 – 20 February 1790) was Holy Roman Emperor from 1765 and ruler of the Habsburg lands from 1780 to his death. He was the eldest son of Empress Maria Theresa and her husband, Emperor Francis I, and the brother of Marie Antoinette. He was thus the first ruler in the Austrian dominions of the House of Lorraine, styled Habsburg-Lorraine. Joseph was a proponent of enlightened absolutism; however, his commitment to modernizing reforms subsequently engendered significant opposition, which eventually culminated in an ultimate failure to fully implement his programmes. He has been ranked, with Catherine the Great of Russia and Frederick the Great of Prussia, as one of the three great Enlightenment monarchs. His policies are now known as Josephinism. He died with no sons and was succeeded by his younger brother, Leopold II.

Description: This is a Very Rare Manuscript Document Signed in Latin, signed "Josephus," one page, 23.75 x 17.5 Inches, December 9, 1766, Large untranslated document regarding The Adventures of Telemaque by Fénelon reissued by John Conrad Wohler. Signed at the conclusion by the Emperor and countersigned by two others.

Condition: A few small separations along intersecting folds, with one fold through a single letter of signature, scattered toning, and a couple of small pencil notations, otherwise in fine condition. The Large Royal Seal is Very Crisp And Fully Intact.

Documentation: This item is fully documented by three sources. First it has a PSA/DNA Authentication status. Its registered PSA/DNA number is #V08859 and item has been permanently marked with an invisible DNA daub that will fluoresce under a patented laser lamp.  Further It means that this signature of Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor which they personally examined and is in their opinion authentic. They state that the signature(s) are consistent considering slant, flow, pen pressure, letter size and other characteristics that are typical of the other exemplars that they compared against. Second, the item will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from the famous RR Auction where item was purchased by us originally. Third you will also get a Certificate from Reel Art. You will also get a copy of the invoice from RR Auction a to further prove authenticity.

The item described is guaranteed to be of the time period and condition as described, has been exported legally and is legal to buy and sell under all international laws relating to cultural patrimony.

Les aventures de Télémaque (The Adventures of Telemachus) is a didactic French novel by FénelonArchbishop of Cambrai and tutor to the seven-year-old Duc de Bourgogne (grandson of Louis XIV and second in line to the throne). It was published anonymously in 1699 and reissued in 1717 by his family. The slender plot fills out a gap in Homer's Odyssey, recounting the educational travels of Telemachus, son of Ulysses, accompanied by his tutor, Mentor, who is revealed at the end of the story to be Minerva, goddess of wisdom, in disguise. 

Although set in a far off place and ancient time, Télémaque was immediately recognized by contemporaries as a scathing rebuke to the autocratic reign of Louis XIV of France, whose wars and taxes on the peasantry had reduced the country to famine. The book so angered Louis XIV that he banished Fénelon from Versailles, confining him to his diocese, where he remained, with few exceptions, for the rest of his life.