Mitchell Hedges Ancient Crystal Skull, Highly Detailed, Plus free book

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Mitchell Hedges Ancient Crystal Skull, Highly Detailed, Plus free book

The Ancient Crystal Skull was originally discovered in Mayan ruins called "Lubaantun", City of Fallen Stones, in British Honduras, Now called Belize. It was uncovered in 1924 by Anna Le Guillon Mitchell-Hedges daughter of F.A. Mitchell Hedges who was in charge of the digs at Lubaantun. Anna, was exploring inside some ruins thought to have been a temple, when she found the exquisitely carved crystal skull which was then missing the jawbone. The missing jawbone was found three months later, about 25 feet away from where the top part of the skull was found. The original Mitchell-Hedges skull is made of clear quartz crystal, and both cranium and mandible are believed to have come from the same solid block. It weighs 11.7 pounds and is about five inches high, five inches wide, and seven inches long. Except for slight anomalies in the temples and cheekbones, it is a virtually anatomically correct replica of a human skull. Because of its small size and other characteristics, it is thought more closely to resemble a female skull.The Mitchell-Hedges family loaned the skull to Hewlett-Packard Laboratories for extensive study in 1970. The HP examinations yielded some startling results. Researchers found that the skull had been carved against the natural axis of the crystal. Modern crystal sculptors always take into account the axis, or orientation of the crystal's molecular symmetry, because if they carve "against the grain," the piece is bound to shatter -- even with the use of lasers and other high-tech cutting methods. To add to the enigma, HP could find no microscopic scratches on the crystal which would indicate it had been carved with metal instruments. Their best hypothesis for the skull's construction is that it was roughly hewn out with diamonds, and then the detail work was meticulously done with a gentle solution of silicon sand and water. The exhausting job -- assuming it could possibly be done in this way -- would have required man-hours adding up to 300 years to complete. Anna Mitchell-Hedges died early in the 21st century and the skull is now in possesion of her companion. He resides in Canada and displays the skull on frequent tours.

This Skull is a Special Limited Edition, Signed, Numbered exact Replica of the famous original Mitchell Hedges Skull. It is made out of solid Acrylic and weighs 3 pounds. It measures; 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) tall by 3.5 inches (8.89 centimeters) wide by 6 inches (15.24 centimeters) deep.

With the Skull you will also get a Free copy of our Book; "Mitchell - Hedges Skull Crystal Skull Mystery." Our book is Full Color, 8.5 x 11 inches and over 32 pages with many rare photographs and old newspaper article clippings. The Front and Back cover have full color close up images of the real Skull. The book tells the complete history of the Skull.

Skull does not come with Mayan type circular Display Plaque as shown. It is available as a option in the pull down menu.

Skull comes with a certificate explaining history of Skull as listed above. This is suitable for framing.

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    It's Awesome!

    Posted by Vince on 21st Jul 2014

    This Skull is highly detailed & is so clear it looks like it's made of crystal. Very nice.
    If you can get a clear display box that just fits around the Skull on the Plaque,that would be awesome & I'd be interested. I know there is an 8&1/2 x 11 clear box,but that's too big in my opinion. Overall this Skull is a fine piece of work. I love it.