Printed Broadside Circa 1754 From Pope Benedict XIV, Large, Rare, Latin and French

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Printed Broadside Circa 1754 From Pope Benedict XIV, Large, Rare, Latin and French

Description: This is a Very Rare Printed Broadside in French and Latin, One Page, Very Large, 20.75 x 31.25 inches, circa 1754. A letter from Pope Benedict XIV to Paul Passionei, Vice-Legate in Avignon, concerning "Les Immunités," June 18, 1754 In part (translated): "We initially, endeavored to direct this part of our Pontificate to the Provinces which are subjected to us...distant from our city of Rome...less with range of our vigilance, as our Town of Avignon, our Comtat Venaissin, & the Cities & Lieux...where you must go without delay to fill the Ministry there...The Soldiers of the Troops of our very dear...Louis Very Christian King of France, while deserting from its armies, or making some contrary offense with the military discipline, refuge themselves in the grounds & Lieux of the aforesaid City & Coumtat, with all the more ease, that the subjected Places aforesaid City & Comtat are surrounded by all parts of the States of the Very Christian King, &; That generally these guilty Soldiers withdraw themselves, for greater safety, in the Churches & other places of Immunity." Passion's response of October 16, 1754, is printed in French at the bottom.

Condition: Central vertical and horizontal folds, a few edge tears, and a small tape-repaired tear to the left side, otherwise in fine condition.

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