Punisher, Real Prop $50 Money, John Travolta, Thomas Jane

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Punisher, Real Prop $50 Money, John Travolta, Thomas Jane

Special agent Frank Castle had it all: A loving family, a great life, and an adventurous job. But when his life is taken away from him by a ruthless criminal and his associates, Frank has become reborn. Now serving as judge, jury, and executioner, he's a new kind of vigilante out to wage a one man war against those who have done him wrong. 

From the hit film "The Punisher (2004)" starring; John Travolta and Thomas Jane, this is a $50 Screen Used Prop Bill from the film. Based on the Marvel Comic character this undercover FBI agent retires & as his family is hunted down & killed he takes the law into his own hands. The Prop Money is printed on both sides. It comes complete with letter of Authenticity. Was originally obtained directly from studio