Raiders of the Lost Ark, Golden Idol of Fertility Statue, Regular Version

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Raiders of the Lost Ark, Golden Idol of Fertility Statue, Regular Version

This is one of the most reconizable collectable pieces in the world and is a must for any serious collector!!

 From the famous film Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Starring: Harrison Ford, Screenplay by: George Lucas and Directed by: Steven Spielberg, This is a replica of the famous Aztec/ Mayan Idol that was seen in the opening sequence in the film. This replica casting was made out of a mold cast from a original prop. It is made out of a very durable Poly Resin material, has a painted Gold Finish applied and weighs almost 3 Pounds. It stands approximately 7.5 inches  tall and is about 4.25 inches  wide by 5 inches  deep.

 Our original Prop that the mold was made from was obtained directly from Elstree Studios where all the props were made.

 The Idol Stand is available as a option. It was designed with Aztec/ Mayan type artwork applied. It also looks very similar to the original stand that the idol was sitting on when Indy switched with his bag of sand..


The original props (there were 14 as I was told), were inspired by Inca and PreColumbian Art. The female figure was designed with a horrific countenance to heighten the suspense as Indy approaches the golden relic. When Speilberg first sketched an image of the Idol he scribbled the note; "statue seems to be watching, cursing his every step.


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