Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones Mechanical Cobra Snake Real Prop

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Raiders of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones Mechanical Cobra Snake Real Prop

Archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones is hired by the U.S. government to find the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis. 

From the original film Raiders of the Lost Ark starring: Harrison Ford, this is a Real Prop Mechanical Cobra Snake item.
Description: Item has a custom made black metal handlebar system. The handlebar system is about 36 inches across and at each end are rubber hand grips and on one side a band brake item. In middle the is a piece that comes out with pad and leather belt attached. The Belt is meant to strap to body so you can work hand grips efficiently. The handles at each side move up and down and hand brake can be squeezed. To each of these is attached typical black brake cables as you would see on a normal hand brake. Upon moving or squeezing these causes the snake to move in different manners. The cables are connected to the head part and by squeezing them cause snakes head to move and mouth to open. Also is included the body part of same snake. The snake itself is made out of foam rubber type of material and painted to look like a Cobra Snake.
Condition: The Cobra Snake Prop is in very good shape. It does show some signs of wear and was obviously used in film. 

Documentation: This item is fully documented by two sources. We at Reel Art originally purchased this item several years ago at a auction by the world famous as seen on TV Profiles In History. They originally authenticated the item and you will get a copy of the original invoice from them. Next you will also get a Certificate of Authenticity from Reel Art

The item described is guaranteed to be of the time period and condition as described, has been exported legally and is legal to buy and sell under all international laws relating to cultural patrimony.