Real Roman Crucifixion Nails 35 AD from Jerusalem

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2.00 LBS
Nail 1

These are real Roman Crucifixion Nails from 35 AD or around the period of Christ's death. The nails came from the Jerusalem area. These nails have been tested and it has been determined that they were made and used in the Jerusalem area of the Middle East around 35AD. It has also been determined that these types of nails were of the type that was frequently used for Crucifixion purposes by the Roman Government at the time. 

The nails measure: (1)6.5 inches long x .25 inches thick x (1 inch x .5 on head), (2) 7 inches long x .25 inches thick (1 inch x .5 inch on head). They weigh about 1 pound each.

The nails are in excellent condition. This condition means that these items show the normal type of wear that a 2000 year old item of this make up and use would normally have. We obtained these nails from a famous collection that has been on view in a museum for several years. Upon the death of this collector the estate sold the collection and we were able to obtain several artifacts.

Each nail comes complete with full documentation that explains the history of the item, gives full permission that these were purchased legally and can be resold legally with no problems. 

We have Two nails and there are pictures of both shown. If you do not email us with a choice one will be made.