St. Valentines Day Massacre Wall Brick

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St. Valentines Day Massacre Wall Brick

This is a Actual Brick that was removed from the wall of the garage that stood at 2122 N. Clark Street, in Chicago, IL., where the Saint Valentine's day Massacre took place.

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929 in Chicago remains one of the darkest moments in Mob history. Seven members and associates of Bugs Moran’s gang were lined up against a brick wall and shot to death by assassins allegedly associated with Al Capone’s gang.

In 1967, the garage where the shooting occurred was torn down, and a Vancouver businessman, George Patey,  bought the bricks, some of which were still full of bullet holes from the massacre. Over the next 42 years, the bricks were: Sold, featured in a traveling exhibit, housed in a short-lived crime museum and displayed in a nightclub restroom. They finally found a permanent home at The Mob Museum(National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Las Vegas). Only about 70 Bricks were sold before they were all sold to the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. This is one of those Bricks.

From their first sale in 1967 the bricks were lettered and numbered (This Brick is H-9), allowing The Mob Museum to assemble and display the wall in a manner very close to the original. At some point, some of the bullet holes in the bricks were even enhanced by red paint.

The Brick is in excellent condition. The condition does not imply that the brick is perfect condition or completely free from wear and tear, imperfections or the effects of aging. This item being 75 years old has wear that a normal object of that age would have. The brick measures: 8.5 Inches Wide x 3.5 Inches High x 2.25 Inches Thick, Weighs 6 pounds: and bears an engraved plaque reading "This is an actual brick from Chicago's St. Valentines Day Massacre Wall of February 14, 1929 at 2122 N. Clark Street."  The bottom of the brick is labeled H-9. Also included is two original press photos related to the massacre, one showing a police dog who 'witnessed' the shootings and one showing family members of a victim.  

The Historic Brick also comes with complete documentation. It is accompanied by a original Certificate of Authenticity signed by George M Patey, who originally acquired the full brick wall when the garage was being demolished.  It also comes with a copy of a Notorized letter from the National Wrecking Company to authenticate that they entered into a contract with George Patey that the Bricks from the wall where the St. Valentines Day Massacred occurred were delivered to him in November 1967. Over 30 pages of printed information about the Bricks are also included. You will also get a Letter of Authenticity from RR Auction (One of the leading Auction Houses in country).  All of this is inside the original envelope from George Patey.