Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, Latinum Gold Brick

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Star Trek, Deep Space Nine, Latinum Gold Brick
Ferengis go wild over Latinum!!
This is the Ultimate collectors piece. The very rare Latinum Brick. It is the largest amount of the Ferengi Currency and mostly used as a medium of exchange primarily outside the Federation.. 
This is a highly detailed Replica Gold Pressed Latinum Brick piece. Each piece was cast from a mold that was originally taken off a real prop piece. Each piece is made out of Drystone and is painted Gold. The Latinum Brick measures: 10 Inches long x 4 inches wide x 1 inches thick. The backside of each piece is flat.
The Latinum Brick is also available in Resin as a option.
A replica of the other latinum Pieces and a Full 8.5 x 11 inch Photograph type copy of Leeta as shown above are also available either as a option or in another selection.


Leeta (Chase Masterson) the Dabo Girl loves to lay on piles of this stuff and have her picture taken!