Star Wars Titanium, 3 Inch Vehicle - A-Wing, New

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Star Wars Titanium, 3 Inch Vehicle - A-Wing, New
Product Description
The ideal pursuit and quick-strike starfighter, the A-wing easily outclassed even the fastest and most maneuverable Imperial fighter craft. Though light armor and armament made it vulnerable to the superior numbers of ships often fielded by the Empire, the tiny ship was nearly impossible to hit for the slow-moving artillery of capital ships, forcing Imperial commanders into costly ship-to-ship combat. The sheer skill required to take full advantage of the A-wing's capabilities made it the ship of choice for many of the Alliance's elite pilots.Add to your Star Wars collection with this die-cast metal A-wing vehicle. This highly detailed vehicle features an opening cockpit and comes with a display stand. Measures 3".
New in box fresh from case. Micro Machine Titanium Die Cast Metal. It includes Display Stand. Opening Canopy. Made by Hasbro