The Evidence About The Antioch Chalice Book Hard Copy

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The Evidence About The Antioch Chalice Book Hard Copy

This item is for our book The Evidence About The Antioch Chalice.  The book, published in 2017 has all the relevant facts pertaining to the history of the Great Antioch Chalice.  It is a full sized (8.5 x 11) 135 page book and comes complete with Historical Articles about it.

The Front and Back cover have full color close up pictures of each side of the Original Chalice, as it sits in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, that have the Christ figures on them. Inside the book are full page close ups of the Original Chalice on each side, showing each figure. The book contains a full copy of of Eisens': The Great Antioch ChalicePreliminary Report on the Great Chalice of Antioch Containing the Earliest Portraits of Christ and the ApostlesThe Date of The Great Antioch Chalice and The Plate with Seven Loaves and Two Fishes on the Great Antioch Chalice. Plus it contains other notable articles: On a Quest for the Holy Grail from Antioch to America, Grail got a Downgrade?, A Note on the Great Antioch Chalice, Eagle and Basket on the Antioch Chalice, Christian Archaeology and much more. As a bonus the book also includes Nineteen Newspaper articles pertaining to the Great Antioch Chalice. These range from the time of its discovery,  the touring of Chalice at the Century of Progress event, to modern day updates and opinions about it. The book also has a extensive bibliography for your pleasure to even get more educated on the famous Chalice.

A hard copy of the book comes free with each purchase of our Limited Signature Numbered Edition Replica of the actual Antioch Chalice.

This item is for a Hard Copy of the book.