The Phantom, Rings Of Good and Evil, Real Prop Replicas, Metal, Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition

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The Phantom, Rings Of Good and Evil, Real Prop Replicas, Metal, Signed, Numbered, Limited Edition

Before Batman, before The Shadow, before The Green Hornet, even before The Lone Ranger, the comics' first Masked Mystery-Man Hero had long since been striking fear into the dark hearts of the Wicked! The Phantom

A Signature of the Phantom is his two Rings. One has a pattern formed like Four Crossing Sabres, The Good Mark, that he leaves on visitors whom he befriends, placing the person under his protection. The other, The Evil Mark or Skull Mark has a Skull Shape, which leaves a Scar of the corresponding shape on the enemies he punches with it. He wears the Good Mark on his left hand because it is closer to the heart, and the Evil Mark on his right hand. The Skull Ring was given to the first Phantom by Paracelsus. The original owner of the Skull Ring was  Emperor Nero of the Roman Empire and it would later be revealed that the Ring had been made from the Nails that Romans used in the Crucifixion of Christ. The Good Mark Ring was made after the sixth Phantom founded the Jungle Patrol.

These Two Items are part of our "Phantom Collection." This is a Very Detailed, Signed, Numbered, Special Limited Edition, Movie Prop Replica of the Phantom Ring Of Good and The Ring Of Evil as seen in the hit film The Phantom (1996) starring; Billy Zane, Kristy Swanson, Treat Williams and Catherine Zeta-Jones. These Real Prop Replicas are Artists Renderings made from Pictures of the Real Props that appear in several Books, Photographs and as seen in the Film. Each item Comes Complete with a Double Sided, 4 x 6 inch, Full Color, Professionally Printed, Certification Card. This Documentation contains Poster Art and Explains in Detail about each of the Phantom Replicas and how they were used in the film. These Real Prop Replica Versions of the Famous Phantom Ring Of Good and Ring Of Evil are just as they appeared in the film. They Come Brand New and each is inside their own Purple Velveteen Jewelry Box.

On Each Side of the Ring Of Evil is Emblazoned the Mark Of Good and On Each Side of the Ring Of Good is Emblazoned the Mark Of Evil. Both Rings are made out of Aged Plated Metal and measure about USA 11 in Ring size.