The Saga of the Shroud 145 Pages PDF Download Copy

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The Saga of the Shroud 145 Pages PDF Download Copy

This is a PDF Download of our brand new published book about the Shroud of Turin (2017). The book is 145 pages 8.5 x 11 inches and has a full color photograph of the real Shroud of Turin on the cover and a Close up picture of Secondo Pia's Reliquary from the Shroud museum in Turin on the back. The book itself contains several rare photographs that we have found in our research. The book does give a overall basic knowledge summary about the shroud's research that has been going on through the years. It also gives a exact timeline of the Shroud's known history from 1349 to the present.

Where our book differs and goes into more detail is it's exploration into the Shroud's timeline from 1349 back to Christ. Because of new information that has been brought to light and also some rare books that we have been able to go through we have been able to make a fairly good case of the travels of this famous Christian Artifact before this 1349 period. 

This book contains a full copy of The Doctrine of Addai (1876) English Translation. A copy an analysis of The Acts of Thaddaeus. The letter of King Abgar to Jesus. Plus an complete look into the bloodline of Abgar. How do the Knights Templar figure into the Shroud of Turin? We also take a look at this theory and break it down.

The hard copy of the book comes free with any purchase of the Shroud replica from our site. You can also buy a hard copy book  site here.