The Spear of Destiny 100 page book , Hard Copy

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The Spear of Destiny 100 page book , Hard Copy

This is a book "The Spear of Destiny" by James Arnold. It is 100 pages with multiple pictures of the Spear of Destiny including two large pictures, one of the actual Vienna Spear and one of the Echmiadzen Spear. The book goes into detail about all of the Spears history from the Crucifixion of Christ, history of Longinus, St. Maurice, Joseph of Aramathea and more.  There are pictures and drawings of the Spears from numerous sources, all of which are listed in extensive bibliography.   The book explores Hitler's fascination with Spear and also the Antarctic Nazi base where it was secretly held. We also go extensively into the modern experiments done on the Vienna Spear by Dr. Feather and reveal his results.

This book is 100 pages and published in 2017. This purchase is for a Hard Copy of the book. The book is also available in a PDF copy on our site. Also note that the book comes free with each purchase of our Limited Signature Edition Replicas of the Spears. You get a free hard copy of book with each Hofsburg Spear (Resin or Metal). You will get a free download of book for each purchase of the Echmiadzen Spear. You will get a option to upgrade to hard copy of book upon purchase of the Echmiadzen Spear at a discount.