Universal Monsters, Frankenstein, Toy Island 2008, New

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Universal Monsters, Frankenstein, Toy Island 2008, New

Horror classic in which an obsessed scientist assembles a living being from parts of exhumed corpses.

 This is a 2008, Universal Monsters, Toy Island 2008, 7 inch, Frankenstein figure. This collection was made in small numbers and has become very rare. This item is brand new in blister pack. Item comes fresh out of original case. Part of the Classic Monster collection where each figure contains a piece to build a large 14 inch Frankenstein figure.
All the figures come with a display base that has a modern style poster backer card. The bases also have the classic monster's name painted on it, and the backer card (which is fairly thick) fits nicely in a slot on the back.As backer cards go, these are a little short. The don't give you a full background behind any of the characters. But if you ignore that, the graphics and designs are terrific. I like the modernized appearance of each, and there's some terrific colors and style with every one. I personally liked Frankenstein's and the Creature's the best, but I like the fact that they simply weren't another reprint of the standard poster. While they might be too short for backer cards, I'm thinking that putting them in acrylic would make some mighty nice coasters for the home theater. figures stand 7 - 7 1/4 inches tall, depending on the character, which means that while they have ML style articulation, they'll be much taller than most of your ML figures. Frank and the Creature are the tallest at about 7 1/4, while the Mummy and Dracula are just a hair over 7", and the Wolfman is just a hair under 7". If you were thinking about displaying them together, you'll have to decide if that extra height over 6" scaled figures makes sense (perhaps for Frank) or not (like the Wolfman)
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