Waterworld Prop Crossbow Arrow, Kevin Costner

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Waterworld Prop Crossbow Arrow, Kevin Costner
The movie Waterworld is a post-apocalyptic story about a mutant named Mariner (Kevin Costner). As the polar ice-caps in the world have all melted, very little land remains, causing some humans to mutate into growing fins and gills, to adapt to their new environment.
'Normal humans' however, hate, shun and attempt to kill what they consider to be unnatural creatures. Mariner (Costner) is captured by a floating village, in which dirt is more precious then gold, and orange trees are worth an arm and a leg. During his execution, locked in a cage, the settlement is attacked by 'smokers', the villains, saving Mariner (Costner). He makes a lucky escape, reluctantly saving Helen (Jeanne Tripplehorn). Mariner then proceeds to find a legendary piece of land (Mt. Everest), which is still dry and habitable by land-living humans. Defeating the 'Smokers' on the way, Mariner, Helen, and Helen's adopted daughter manage to finally reach this paradise.
These are Prop Arrows that were shot from the Crossbows in the film. The arrowheads resemble sharks teeth and look like they are strapped to the shafts. The Arrowheads are made out of solid resin & the shafts are made out of Wooden Dowels. Arrows measure; 15 inches in length x 3 inches wide x .5 inches thick. This item is for one Arrow only.
The Prop Waterworld Crossbow Arrows are in very good "Screen Used" condition. These Arrows were originally obtained from the famous Ellis FX Company. Ellis is Hollywoods oldest FX Company and was established in 1908. 
Each Prop Waterworld Arrow Prop comes complete with Lettter of Authenticity from the famous Ellis FX Company.